Thursday, 19 May 2011

D38 - Uma noite...

Uma noite...
Uma noite partilho no meu Jardim uma mensagem dos meus Nicolas matinais, hoje é a noite!
Porque é nas coisas simples que encontramos os sorrisos mais sinceros.

Deixo-vos a música e letra do dia, Simple Things by Amy Kunney

Simple things 
We take pleasure in the simple things 
We take pride in little victories 
And we wear our simple crowns 
Oh, tugs of war, we battle ships and thunderstorms 
And naked is our uniform 
It's our simple hand-me-down 

It's a beautiful morning 
Beautiful morning 
Dressed up in summer and tied with a bow 
Let's be courageous and face tiny dangers 
Let's climb those fences 
With signs that say don't 
Beautiful man I'm a beautiful woman 
Find simple pleasures wherever we go 
It's the simple things 
That make us feel at home 
For a simple view 
We'll sleep up on your daddy's roof 
Cuz our sleeping bags are waterproof 
And they leave static in our hair 
For poor Heaven's sake 
The sky is tired of being scraped 
(And) pigeons crowd the fire escapes 
There is traffic in the air 
We get high on simple things and 
We take flight on dips and swings 
We fly 

Aren't you tired of being prisoner of your desires? 

There is life beyond the razor wire 
That you've strung around your mind 
When you complicate the simple pleasures its too late 
Cuz you'll know better than to take pleasure in the simple 
Things in life

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